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Sunday, October 20, 2013


Months and months ago, I got these 2 cute chairs from the facebook auction for $12.

A lot of people were bidding on them, but I swooped in at the last minute and scooped them up.  Apparently they were used at a daycare for the tots to sit in.  I had a different (and in my mind) better use for them.

My poor baby boy gets picked on by everybody.  The cat washes her paws in his water bowl and Abby Sue mauls him to death.

I decided that he at least deserved some peace while he was eating his "chuppies" (that's what my husband calls Diego's meals).  

First, I bought 2 stainless steel bowls from Goodwill for FORTY-NINE CENTS EACH!!!  Then, I got my brother to cut a hole out of the bottom of each chair, so that the bowls would sit flush in them.

I couldn't decide on a colour to paint them.  I didn't want blue because it seems like everything in my house is blue.  I didn't want white because I knew they would get dirty too quickly.  I decided to go with a chocolate brown, and then paint a sturdy varathane coat over top.

I was going to use big wooden letters on the chairs, but I thought that Munchkin would play with them and eventually rip them off.  Bad cat.  

I ended up using some letters that I had leftover from another project.

Now, I am well aware (as my husband sarcastically said to me) that Diego can't read, but the chairs are so cute with the words on them that I ignored the mocking and went with my gut

It is very hard to take pictures of them because the bowls cause reflections on the back of the chair.    Diego tried them out and he seems to really like them.  Let's hope Munchkin can't make such a mess on the floor with the water bowl.

Not bad for a total cost of $13.  And, as you can see above, Diego is the smartest dog and can obviously read that his water bowl is in the drink chair.  LOL
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  1. Love the doggy seats they turned out so cute...good job.