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Saturday, June 18, 2011


I went rollerskating yesterday and broke my wrist. Guess my DIY days are over for a while. I will have to live vicariously thru my blogging buddies!

I didn't even fall while skating. I fell at the table where the birthday party was! I was shooting water thru a straw at Abby Sue and she turned, without thinking, and pushed me. I wasn't expecting it and I fell. HARD. 6 weeks with a cast and 6 weeks of pt. Goodbye summer.

Oh well, at least I can go outside and get a tan! Pin It

Friday, June 17, 2011


I finally got a chance to sit down and look at all of my fav blogs today. I looked at mine and couldn't believe that it has been OVER A MONTH since I last took the time to do my blog. I was quite upset with myself. Everybody else is so good about blogging. I am so sorry for lagging behind, but I have been quite busy.

Between dance marathons:

early mornings:

and late nights:

I have been very busy. We have decided to take our house off the market and just enjoy home for the summer. Abby Sue is quite happy about it

as are the rest of us. It is too stressful and the market absolutely sucks in our area. The good news is that I WILL BE ABLE TO DIY AGAIN!!! I am picking up a wonderful new piece tomorrow and I will blog about it later this weekend. Until then, my time is taken up with these two

Abby Sue is growing so fast that it is mindboggling. She is going to be in grade 1 next year and is already writing things by herself. My husband ccoaches lacrosse all summer and he was gone for a tourney last weekend. We decided to make him a welcome home banner to let him know that we missed him. I drew the big letters and Abby Sue coloured them. When she was done, we hung the banner up. It was then that I noticed that she wrote a little message of her own

Oh the joy that kid brings into our lives.

Talk to you later this weekend, with a sneak peek and my fabulous find!!!

Have a great weekend! Pin It