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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stealing Ideas

So I found this wonderful table that I wanted to make for my daughter's room. I was over at the Sassy Santuary

and saw it

It is the cutest table I HAVE EVER SEEN. Abby Sue adores it too.

Today, I was reading all of my favorite blogs and while over here

Miss Madison’s Charmed Life

I saw that Megan is making the EXACT SAME TABLE!! How's that for great minds think alike?

I am going out to find a table this weekend and start it. She already has two really cute chairs that I can paint to match. How fun. I'll be back to show the finished job at a later date.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011


For the longest time I have been wanting to make a cool, unique bench for my room. Cranky pants here

throws his clothes on the floor in front of the walk in closet, so that I can't get in the closet in the morning to get my clothes for work. I figure if I make a bench, he might have a different place to throw his clothes (one can only hope).

I went to Goodwill last Friday and got this for $3.03 (where do they come up with their prices?)

I figured I could spray paint it a nice crisp white and add baskets in the bottom shelves to put my books in (instead of throwing them under the bed).

I bought this really nice material

which will look great with the green in my room.

I got out my trusty spray and went to town. I sprayed two coats and noticed that the wood looked kind of funny. The edges on the door started curling up!!! That is when I noticed that my "wonderful little stool" was becoming a beyotch of a bench!! Turns out that the table was not made out of wood. It was made out of heavy chipboard and then covered in MAC TAC!!! I didn't even know that stuff existed anymore! I ended up peeling the mac tac off and tried sanding the wood again. The whole bottom ended up gross and hunks of the chip board came off. Sigh.

That was when the got the great idea to cover the bottom of the bench in the same material as the top of the bench. Got the glue, scissors and staple gun. Not too shabby, I must say.

I bought a piece of MDF from Home Depot and glued my foam on it. Then I stapled my material on the board. Then, I got out my trusty Gorilla Glue and glued the board to the top of the table.

I still have to buy some baskets. I had picked up a pair from Wally World, but they were too big. Oh well, good excuse for me to take a day trip somewhere fun! Once I get them, they will finish the piece right off. I just love it when I get something finished. What a sense of accomplishment. My first big piece since my cast came off. Look out DIY world, I'M BACK!!!!


Me, being me, can't wait to finish, so went to Bouclair today and got some nice baskets for $7 each. Looky at my new bench!!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I haven't blogged in a while. 2 weeks ago we went to Niagara Falls for 4 days. What an absolute blast. On our first night, we saw the fireworks over the falls

We went to Marineland and Abby Sue got to feed a Beluga Whale

We went to the Bird Emporium and birds pee'd all over me

The we had an absolutey wonderful time at the Wave Park. I thought Abbs would be afraid, but she was a freakin' daredevil

Best trip we have had in a long, long time.

Anyways, back to the title.

While we were away, we painted the inside of the house and got a new real estate agent - WHO ROCKS!!! We had an open house 2 days after we got home. This lady and her whole family came through - for the 4th time!!! The next day, they made an appointment to come through with their agent. Then they called and asked our heating costs. They told our agent that they loved our house more than any they had seen. The woman said it was the one she wanted - BUT THEY DIDN'T PUT A FREAKING OFFER IN!!! We are trying to entice them. I got a home inspection done so that they wouldn't have to put out the cost. I painted the entire inside of the house. I chopped down trees, I caulked outdoor pipes. We have absolutely zero clutter in the house. WHAT MORE DO THEY WANT??

I know that it is hard to sell a house (hello, almost a year now). But don't you think coming through a house 5 different times is a little excessive. S**t or get of the pot people.

Anybody have any ideas for me? I have buried the statue in the backyard. I have sent the dirt floating downstream. I am getting desperate!!!

Hints, tips and prayers are very very welcome and very much appreciated.

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