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Thursday, August 19, 2010

AbbySue's Make-up Table and Platform Bed

I had the long weeked to myself.  Hubby went to a lacrosse tourney and the weather was crappy, so Miss AbbySue and I decided to put "big girl" furniture in her room.  First, we sanded down and painted a beautiful old make-up table that we found on Kijiji for $20 (I am the queen of $20 bargains).  Then we added cute pink and white heart handles on it because she is so girly.  Here is the finished product (sorry, I didn't take any before shots):

The platform bed was a bit more difficult, but it is now a very tall bed that doesn't have space under it for her junk or the cat.  And when she comes and gets me in the night to sleep with her, I don't feel like I am laying on the ground.  Here is the before:

And here is the after.  She just loves it!!!

I also picked up a crappy wooden thing from Goodwill for $1.99 and spray painted it.  Now it is a bookcase at the end of her bed.  Here is the finished product:

Last, but not least, on this busy weekend, I bought her a plastic white desk from Kijiji for $10 and spray painted it a tie-dye purple.  It is perfect for colouring and art projects.  Here is the finished product. 

It has so much space and holds her multitude of crayons, markers, pencil crayons, pens and stamp kit.  Again, I got it for a bargain. Total cost - $10 for table and chair, $6.98 for spray paint.  And she loves it!!!

Ok, that is it for my summer projects.  Have already started on the cork board and mirror for this weekend.  Even have hubby helping cutting material.   Talk to you soon and I will have pictures!!!!

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Other Projects

A friend of mine suggested that I post the other projects that I have done this summer. I'll start with the computer desk that I bought for $20 at a junk shop on the highway. Here is it before:

After sanding it and priming it, I used a vanilla coloured paint and then sanded the edges to "antique" it. Here is the finished product.  I really like how it turned out.  We had the paint already at the house, so it cost me a whole $20 to do.  Here is the finished product:


After looking at the desk for a while and then getting a new computer for Christmas, I decided that the handles needed to be painted black.  So much better, dontcha think?

I am loving the new computer with the built in hard drive. No more hitting my shins on the box under the desk.  Now, all I need is a new chair, and I am set.

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Not the best blogger

So, I thought that I would start this blog and stick with it like all the other great bloggers whose sites I religiously scour for ideas. Unfortunately, I am better at facebooking my projects than blogging. I am trying my best, so bear with me. This weekend, I am attempting (key word) to make my daughter a funky full length mirror that she can hang her hats, purses, necklaces, etc. on. I saw this design on a shabby chic-type blog. I thought it was cute. We'll see how it turns out. Pictures to follow. Pin It

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Very First Blog - Nervous and Excited

My name is Vicky and my hubby and I are attempting to sell our home without using an agent. To that end, we are attempting to inexpensively redecorate to bring the buyers in. I have browsed tons of blogs and stolen some really great ideas. My latest project was my ensuite bathroom. Hope you like the results. Thanks to for the great idea. Next comes the main bathroom. Pictures to follow.

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