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Monday, October 31, 2011

Road Kill Rescue

I was featured!!! I can't believe it. Has never happened to me before. But, I have been featured here

If you have never been on the site, go. It is a wonderful site and I have pinned lots of project from it to my pinterest page.

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Monday, October 3, 2011


I was trolling around Pinterest the other day (my new obsession), when I found this

over at

I immediately had to have one (or two, if my hubby is nice tonite). I went to Goodwill yesterday for 1/2 price Friday and got a funky frame for $1.01. It already had a mat in it, but it was blah. So I let my angel help out

She was so excited. Her artwork was beautiful

I put a piece of bright pink cardboard behind it

I then painted the frame a bright purple. Here is the finished product. I love it and so does Miss Abbs

What a wonderful way to let my baby know she is loved each and every day. Plus, a girl at work wants me to make 3 of them for her!!!! Woo to the hoo.

Hope you all like it.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011


I keep seeing chairs with flowing script on them. I saw one of Revenge the other night (what an awesome show) and I keep seeing them in blogland. My envy knows no bounds. I cannot find the material anywhere - unless I order it online and I am FAR too cheap to pay the shipping. So, for now, the chair is in my dreams (and on my pinterest page)

While I was at Goodwill the other day, I found a perfect chair for $2.02. It was everything I have ever wanted, with a beautiful heart shaped back and nice legs. Sigh. She was beautiful. So, of course I bought her. Even though I have no place to put her and no script material to cover her with.

She was just too sweet to pass up.

I had some pretty houndstooth material laying around the house, so I decided to paint the legs of the chair cherry red and cover it in houndstooth.

I painted the legs and just loved the colour. But after ripping the chair apart (and pulling out about 1000 staples)

I decided that the houndstooth was just tooooooooooo boring!!!! I decided to give Fabricland another try. So, while listening to my 6 year old whine about how bored she was, I was a bad mommmy and made her wander the fabric store with me (thank god for the Ipad). Imagine my shock when I saw this

I just fell in love. I was sad because I wouldn't be able to use my cherry red spray paint on the legs, but I had to have this fabric!!!!

I gave the legs a quick coat of white and sanded until the red showed through.

Wow, did I love the effect!!! It took me about an hour to finish the chair. I think I have a new crush.

I have absolutely no place to put it, but, if and when I ever get a new house, it would look awesome in a foyer.

It isn't the cool black, parisian script that I was looking for, but it sure is one heck of an alternative!!!


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Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have always asked for kitchen canisters for Christmas. Needless to say, I have never, ever gotten them. One day last year, my mom got me some from a garage sale. They aren't the most modern (or even the nicest), but they do the trick.

Now, I am not going to ditch these freebies, but I might try and work with them.

In the meantime, I have been seeing apothecary jars all over the web. Fell in love, pinned some to pinterest and now am on a mission.

Went to the dollar store, which is called Dollarama, but nothing is less than $1.25 (don't get me started) and bought a few things.

However, I couldn't find the little wooden thingys (that is the technical term) to put on the top. I went to the only craft store in Orillia, but they are more of a kid's craft. So, I ended up buying these

They are wooden doll heads and wheels. I glued a couple to the top of the lids. Then I spray painted the lids and bottoms black, added some jute to the lids, and

Voila, I have my new canisters. Not very original, I know, but I love them. Now to make about 5 more. I think I might make a few for the bathrooms as well. I think I am on a roll now.

PS - went to Goodwill yesterday. Oh my, the treasures that I found. Wait and see.

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