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Monday, October 8, 2012


We bought Abby Sue a loft bed for Christmas last year, thinking it would be safer than a bunk bed.

In the space between her bed and her closet, we normally kept a small laundry hamper - one of the wooden fold-up kind.

Well, all of that changed last Saturday night.  Abbs was standing on the top step, showing us that she could almost touch her ceiling.  Somehow, and we still can't figure out what the hell happened, she fell backwards over the side and landed on the laundry basket, smashing the wood, scratching her legs, face and arm.  She screamed like crazy for about 30 minutes and both John and I were FREAKING OUT!!!

Everything turned out fine, but now she doesn't have a clothes hamper.  Which to a 7 year old means "I can throw all of my dirty clothes on the floor".


Check out what I picked up for.... drum roll please.......

$1.01 (yes it was regularly $2.02)

Perfect for a new laundry hamper.  Since my girlie is so pink, and since I had paint left over from my mirror project, guess what colour this hamper is?

How cute is that?  It holds way more clothes than the other one did, plus it has a perforated back, so if anything is wet, it won't mould or smell.  Woo Hoo.

I love how something seems to get put into your path just when you need it.  And, as always, pink to the rescue. Partying here

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Saturday, October 6, 2012


Back in June, I attempted to duplicate this beautiful picture in my bedroom

I ended up with this

I wasn't pleased with the colour, or the size, but I didn't want to hurry into a different solution without being 100%  positive of the change.  I still loved the idea of the pop of pink and the mirrors, but I wanted something twice the size and much brighter.  I toyed with the idea of some sort of art, maybe moving my clock over the dresser, as well as with taking the dresser out of the room all together.

Well, after going to Goodwill 1/2 Friday last week, I finally found a solution.

More mirrors!!! Larger mirrors!!  HOT PINK mirrors!!

I knew I wanted a brighter pink, but I couldn't find the exact shade on the tint cards (is that what they are called?)  When I went to the paint counter, the girl working had on a tshirt that had the exact shade of pink I wanted.  I thought it was fate that I was to paint my mirrors that colour.  Of course, this one

the bald dude, not the cute kid, has started whining that there is too much pink in our bedroom.  Honestly, I have pink mirrors and 2 pink baskets in the room.  He is lucky I don't paint him pink while he is sleeping!!  Anyways, to get back to my fab idea, I took the mirrors that I had already painted and gave them a quick coat of HOT PINK, then went to town on the other two.  I am having to admit that (at least in my mind), I am brilliant.  They totally make a statement now.

I added some finishing touches, like a cute flower bowl filled with pearls

I draped a chunky necklace over the middle mirrors

and I added a flash of green to the side mirror (also a necklace)

It is really, really hard to take pictures when mirrors are involved.  Just believe me when I say that they look pretty cute.

I'm not overly happy with the jewelry box in the middle, but I have to put it somewhere (it holds important papers) so here it will stay until something better comes along.

Miss Abby Sue told me it looks Fabulous!!!  What higher praise can a mom ask for?

On a different note, it is Thanksgiving weekend and we decorated the house and some pumpkins.

Have a safe and turkey filled holiday everyone!!! Pin It