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Sunday, December 23, 2012


My twelve year old niece told me that she wanted a stool for her room that also had storage in it.  Talk about music to a DIYer's ear.  Woo Hoo.  I had actually picked up a bench way back in the summer time.  It had been sitting out in my garage, wondering why I had abandoned it.

It was a genuine pleather bench, with half a piece of glass screwed into the bottom (don't ask me why).  I grabbed some of the self stick paper that I had used to cover my light fixtures

to line the bottom of the stool.  Then I debated on what kind of material to use.  It was pretty small piece and I ADORE Abby Sue's tweety bird chair

So I decided to do the bench in the same material.  I chose a really royal blue colour and went to work.  Of course, I did it on the white rug, all over my christmas present (our new couch)

It's hard to tell where the blue fur landed, but believe me, it WAS EVERYWHERE!!

Anyways, about an hour and a whole pack of glue sticks later, this is what I finished.

I sprayed it with hairspray, to stop the excess material from blowing all over the place.  I really hope she likes it - considering that is all I got her for Christmas.  Ooops

Merry Christmas everybody.  Happy holidays and time off for projects!

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Sunday, December 16, 2012


My family has decided that this year we won't be buying presents, or at least expensive presents, for each other.  I could care less if I get anything.  I have always been the person who loves, loves, loves to give.  Besides, I would rather spend the money on the kids, than on the adults (excluding my mom, of course).

This year, I decided to make a bunch of my gifts, and, especially after seeing this wonderful post on pinterest,

I knew I wanted to make one of these.

I went to my trusty source, Goodwill, on yet another 1/2 price Friday, and I picked up some wonderful metal baskets

Each one cost FIFTY CENTS!!!  Of course, the one I ended up using, which looked like an egg basket made of chicken wire, is the one I forgot to take a picture of!!!

I bought the jute from the dollar store and grabbed my hot glue gun.  TIP:  Don't wear black while using jute.  My shirt looked worse than if I had snuggled the cat.

TIP #2:  Don't unroll jute when the cat is in the vicinity.  Munchkin grabbed my jute more times than I can count.  It was behind the tv, it was across the room, it was under the couch.  That cat!!!!!

Anyways, it took me about an hour to finish, but I am extremely pleased with the results.

I like how you can still see the chicken wire inside.  Makes it look kind of rustic, don't ya think?  I took some coloured kitchen utensils that I had picked up earlier in the year and popped them in.

I told my mom that if my sister doesn't like it, I WANT IT BACK because I really, really like it!!!

I have more gifts that I am in the process of making, but I have been quite lazy this past week.  The weekend before Christmas will be a crazy crafty time!!!

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