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Sunday, September 29, 2013


About 6 months ago, I got a free dresser from Kijiji.  It was very old, but not in bad shape, except it was missing the face of one of the drawers.  It was so old, that you could smell "antique" when the drawers were opened.  The seller told me that it had been her grandmother's and that she hadn't wanted to get rid of it, but she didn't know how to fix it.  I promised her that I would do something fabulous with it.

I do not have any tools that would help me fix it - no saw, no planer, nothing like that.  So my poor old dresser has sat in the garage - getting used as a "catch all" while I worked on other projects.  Such an awful way to treat the elderly, isn't it?  I thought about using mirrors on it, but I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that might not turn out.

I searched "DIY old broken dressers" on Pinterest and an odd idea popped up.

TIN FOIL!  It would look mirrored, but wouldn't cost as much.  Plus, it would fix the broken mirror front.
I then searched "tin foil dresser" and beautiful projects appeared.

I loved this, but it was a bit boring for my dresser.

This one was beautiful, but too much tin foil (at least in my opinion).  I decided to do the drawer fronts with tinfoil, and then the rest in an antique finish.

I got a can of oops paint in a soft gray colour (or so I thought)

It almost had a blue tinge to it, which was fine because I have blue accent pieces all over the place.  While that dried, I tackled the tin foil.  Let me tell you, trial and error.  lol

On the first drawer, I decided to do small, overlapping pieces.  First, I ripped off the foil and then scrunched it up.  Then I smoothed it out and painstakingly attached it to the drawer.  Took me about an hour to do one drawer.

I thought that was too much work.  So, next time I used tacky spray on the drawer, then 2 solid sheets of foil.  Much, much better.

That's a lot of modge podge ladies and gents.  I used almost a whole container of it on this project.

On my VERY FIRST TRIP to Hobby Lobby in August, I had purchased these knobs, especially for my dresser

Just beautiful and only $3 each!  Next time we zoom down to Buffalo, I am budgeting at least $100 just for knobs!

While the tin foil dried, I started painting the dresser.  I used the same brush that had been in the gray paint and broke open the black paint.

The colour turned out gorgeous.  I was so excited!  So, while this paint was drying, I dabbed paint on the drawers and then quickly wiped the majority of it off.  This was VERY DIFFICULT, as it got in all of the crevices of the tinfoil and took at least 2 papertowels per drawer to clean off.

I didn't have enough knobs left, so I improvised and used 3 different types.  I am so flipping pleased at how well this turned out.

It is hard to tell from the pics, but it is a rich black/gray colour.  I will try and take a better picture once I carry it up to the room it is going to be in.

I would do this project again in a heart beat and I would recommend all of my fellows DIYs try it as well!

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