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Friday, September 27, 2013


INTO STRIPES!!!  You all know from my posts that I love me some animal print on my furniture.  However, I am also loving all the other designs on furniture.

Like this

and this

and, OMG I AM IN LOVE, this

Since I have already done my chevrons for downstairs, hello pallet art.  And since I am too chicken to try the Marilyn Monroe chair, I decided to try the stripes.

My buddy Angie gave me this end table to do something with.

Nice bones, kind of boring - just what I was in the mood for.  Seeing as I STILL have a gallon of blue oops paint left, naturally this puppy was going to get a few coats of it.  But, since the wood was in good condition, I decided to do my "fake antique" look and just swipe the brush until there was no more paint left.  I love this technique because it lets the undercolour shine thru and I don't have to sand down any parts of the piece afterwards.

She, because anything this purdy has to be a she, looks pretty good, but she needed something.  STRIPES!
So easy to do.  I didn't even measure, I just eyed the top and put tape down and got some wonderful chocolate brown paint.

I love how it turned out.  So do a lot of my friends.  However, a lot don't like the stripe.  Isn't it amazing how everybody has different tastes?  Well, even if it is not to everybody's liking, at least they can't say I am boring, right? Pin It

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