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Sunday, September 8, 2013


A while ago, I made myself a coat rack for my hall foyer.  I was pretty happy with it - until we painted our walls a neutral colour and my coat rack became blah.  I should have stained it, but I went with the natural look.

Now, it is too boring for my liking.  On the auction it goes.

About 6 months ago, I bought this on the auction.

My friend Angie was like "why did you buy the ugly shelf?"  lol.  Yes, it is ugly and the bottom looked like shark teeth.  But it was on $2.00 and I knew I could figure something out.

I took a hammer and whacked away at the teeth (yes, whacked is the technical term).

Once I pulled out the bazillion nails, I was left with this pretty nice piece of wood.

I had bought some pretty cute hooks on the auction, and I had a whole can of "oops" paint left in blue, so I decided to make a new coat rack.

I adore this paint colour.

I am liking it a lot.  As soon as I sell the other one, this one will get hung up.  Give a little character and flare to my hall. Pin It

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