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Monday, September 2, 2013


So there are two trends that I have been dying to try

Pallet art

and chevrons

I finally got my chance when I found these on the side of the road

When I went to Hobby Lobby 3 weeks ago FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER, I saw a huge pallet with chevrons and a mirror.  I looked at the price ($89) and almost had a coughing fit. I didn't have my phone turned on to take a pic (because of outrageous roaming charges), but I memorized that beautiful piece in my mind.

We are going to painting and redoing our basement family room and I need something massive to go on the walls. So, instead of making one of the pallet/chevron/mirror thingys (that's the technical term), I decided to make 2.

First, I bought a beautiful colour of paint called bittersweet chocolate.  Mmmmm, even the name gives me a craving.  Then, I got a can of oops paint in a grayish beige colour.  For $3, I decided to chance it.

Here's the background of the pallets once they were painted.

Pretty blah, eh?  But just wait...

I found a tutorial for chevons on pinterest and went to work

I don't know why I was scared to do this.  It was super easy and super quick.  I did one pallet dark and one light. I also did one the wide way and one the tall way - if that makes any sense.

I forgot to take a pic of the beige once, but I think you get the idea of what they are going to look like.

Next, I was on a mission to find 2 mirrors.  I wanted a round one and a square one.  Off to Goodwill and their 75% off sale.  Goodwill has 75% off on Sundays, but they never tell you beforehand which items are on sale.  Yesterday, it was green ticket items - whatever the hell that meant.  I honestly didn't care, until I found my two mirrors and got both of them for $5!!!!  One of regular price, but the other was 75% off.  WOOT!

I really liked the different shapes and designs of the mirrors.  Now, to paint them the trusty blue that I have all over my house.

Next, Gorillia Glue.

I love them.  Here's a pic to show you how big they really are

I LOVE THEM!!  Now, once I get this huge, design-challenged room painted, I will hang these beauties

I am so embarrassed by this space, but I have HUGE plans to make it a room that we will always be in. Stay tuned, as I start work on it next week and will post about the changes.

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  1. They turned out fabulous!!!
    Can't wait to see where you put them!

    1. I know. I am totally in love with them. I hate seeing them sit on the floor, but I can wait 2 more weeks - I hope!