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Sunday, June 2, 2013


I have needed a stand for my ipad and tablet since I got them.  They get thrown around, abused, and are very hard to use in the kitchen when I am on pinterest making recipes.  I bought one from the dollar store - piece of crap.  I looked into buying one from Walmart and they want way too much for them.  Enter Shanty II Chic blog.  They made one!

I had some wood lying around, plus a piece that I had taken off the side table that I just refinished.

The back is a piece of wood that I got from Goodwill for $1.  The bottom piece, which just screwed into the back, is the piece that came off the side table.

Then I took a piece that was in my crawl space (no idea why) and gorillia glued it to the front.

Once it was secure, I took it to the garage and debated what colour to paint it.  Since I was already out there painting 2 others projects (more to come on them), I decided to just continue spraying and include the stand as well.

I was making rice crispie squares for the family, so I figured I would try it out with the tablet.  Worked like a charm.

Total cost - nothing, as I already had the wood laying around the house.

Not bad for something I desperately needed but was too cheap to buy.  Thanks for Pinterest and Shanty II Chic for their ideas. Pin It

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