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Friday, June 21, 2013


I have a thing for lamps and shades.  It used to be footstools (who am I kidding, I obsess over them as well), but I am really into lamps and shades.  I think it is because there is such beautiful material out there and a statement lamp can really make a room.

I bought this lamp for $2 and it has sat in my garage for quite a while. Then I moved it into the playroom, where it sat for a few more weeks.

It was a boring, typical brass lamp, with no shade, no character, no "ooomph".  I am in the process of turning the spare room into an office type room, with a futon for the guests we never have.  I'll have more on that room as it unfolds.

Anyways, as my friend Angie pointed out the other day, I really love colour, so I decided to make this lamp bright, fun and a happy.

Enter Krylon's Aqua spray paint (to match the end table, of course)

I really really wanted to use the same material that I used on Abby Sue's lamp, but when I went to Fabricland today, they didn't have any left.  Or maybe I couldn't find it.  The set up there is horrible and nobody ever helps, so I chose something else.  I love it too.

I covered one of the many shades that I have laying around the house (it is a sickness).

Isn't that bright and fun?  I am currently refinishing a desk and it is red and white, so the material is perfect.

I love how it turned out.

It's funny, because the material cost more than the lamp and paint put together!  I am so excited to see this room come together.  It has been a mess and boring for far too long.

Next, paint the walls, change the desk, change the light, change the curtains.  Wow, who would think one little room would require so much work?

For now, I can look at my lamp and feel like I have a little piece of sunshine in the room.

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