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Saturday, June 22, 2013


 I have always had a very basic desk to put my computer on.  It went from this, my very first refinish (which I loved for 5 years, but got sick of lately)

to this (which I never even ended up using)

to my current piece of blahness, which doesn't even deserve a full picture

Since I am redoing the office and making it the coolest room in the house (or so I hope), I wanted something completely, totally outside the box for my desk.

Enter kijiji.  I found a desk on kijiji for $20 but I could barely tell what it looked like from the picture.  I asked the man to send me more pics and I hummed and hawed about whether to get it.  It was a teenager's metal desk and multi-coloured, but it was huge and the more I stared at it, the more I fell for it.

I actually googled the desk to see what it looked like before the scratches and dents.

OMG!  It was a $379 desk

First of all, who pays that much for a freaking metal desk???????

SOLD!  My friend Angie drove me in her truck to pick it up (along with a pool, I am so excited).  We also managed to snag 2 free Muskoka chairs!!

I decided to paint the desk red and keep the white, because it is actually whiteboard and I can write things down and then erase them later.  Woot.  Great for when I don't want to waste a piece of paper or my pen stops working.

Here's the finished product.

It is a lot larger than it looks, and I love it.  John even made a comment about how he likes it. I have to put a better chair with it.  I am thinking about redoing my free wingback chair in a white fluffy material, so that it will be comfy for those nights when I am trolling my auction site!

More to come as the room progresses.  Just imagine this red against a nice, soft gray wall, with the turquoise/red/black accents.  I might just sleep in here sometimes! Pin It

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