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Saturday, June 15, 2013


So I am pretty sure that I have become the Quick Draw McGraw of refinishing stools.  Less the paint drying time, I can refinish a stool in about 10 minutes flat.  That is either pretty impressive, or I have a major addiction to foot stools.

About 2 months ago, I put a small refinished stool in my daughter's bedroom.

It had storage space for her DS and games and I really thought it was cute.  Anyways, she sat on it, rocked a little, and ended up breaking one of the legs.  I decided that she needed something a little more sturdy.

A new thrift store has opened up beside Goodwill here and it is kicking Goodwill's arse.  I picked up this beauty for $5.

It was in perfect condition and quite sturdy.  Enter aqua blue spray paint and leftover material from her lamp.

 I am a big fan of imperfect paint jobs.  I always take the sandpaper and scrape some of the paint off to make it look like it is older and more "beat up".  And I am absolutely crushing on this material that I bought.  It has all of my favorite colours in it and it is so darn bright and happy that I would probably put it in every room in my house if I didn't stop myself.

So, 10 minutes after I brought the freshly painted stool in, it was finished.

Abbs will love it and it will look great in her room. More importantly, it should last longer than 2 months.  Hopefully.

So, breakdown in costs.

Stool - $5
Paint - $0 (already on hand)
Material - $0 (already on hand)

Five beans for a new stool.  I am liking that price.

What's up next?  Just you wait and see. Pin It

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