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Sunday, May 26, 2013


I had a beautiful desk that I refinished about 3 years ago and put in my spare bedroom.

I had made the chair to go with it, and even a matching mouse pad!  I love the desk, but I am redoing the spare room and decided that I wanted to put a more comfortable chair with the desk.  The current desk would be too small to accommodate the type of chair I was looking for.  So, I popped the desk and chair on the facebook auction, and it sold that night!!  Uh oh!  Where the heck was I going to put my computer?


While driving my daughter's friend home, I found a free desk on the side of the road, almost exactly like mine, but bigger.  WOOOOO HOOOOO.  I put it in the back of my jeep and brought this puppy home.

I took some pictures, but the memory card in my camera died and I didn't know until I tried to take the after shots.  Sigh.

Anyways, we are repainting the spare room, removing the bed and putting Abby Sue's zoo downstairs in her playroom.  The room is going to be a warm grey colour, so I wanted to bring something funky into the room where the desk was concerned.  The room now is so unappealing.

The bed gets used as a dumping ground and I am currently using my sewing desk for the computer.

I looked around Pinterest for some ideas, and I found this gorgeous desk makeover

I love this desk and decided to redo my new desk the same way.  I still had half a can of my ooops paint in red, as well as some nice white melamine bathroom paint - which would make the desk nice and shiny.

It took 6 coats of the red paint to get my drawers and handles looking nice and pretty.  I then sprayed them with Rustoleum's top coat.

Then I sprayed the desk so that the paint wouldn't get chipped off by everybody banging things against it.

What a crappy picture.  The top isn't blotchy, it is just still a little wet.

The only thing missing are the 2 knobs for the small drawer on the right.  One was missing and the other one was fugly.  I thought I had some knobs here, but I was wrong.  I am also way to impatient to wait to post.

I am loving the finished product.  I can hardly wait to put it in my new "office".  Pics of that will come soon too.

Total cost of this project:

Desk - $0 (free on the side of the road)
Paint - $0 (already at home)

So, I sold my other desk for $55, and got this one for free.  Can't beat that, can you?

I will show you the chair once I get it finished as well.  So much to do!!!!!

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  1. it a beautiful job it.

    1. Hey Millie. Thanks. I think I am going to love it in my new room!