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Sunday, May 19, 2013


We have an Ipad and a Galaxy Tablet.  Neither one of them have a "home" or a place where they can safely sit and charge.  They hang out on nightstands, coffee tables, end tables, etc.  Well, at last week's facebook auction, I bid and won a cute little footstool with 2 drawers.  I figured I could drill a hole in the back of each drawer and put a tablet in each.  Safe haven for our expensive toys.

The stool itself was quite ugly - brown wood and an old heavy tweed material on the top.

But I knew that I wanted it. $10 later, and I had won it!!!

I had also bid a whopping 75 cents and won this fabulous material.

The only thing left to do was paint the stool and recover the top.  There were 4 screws holding the top down and it took about 2 hours to paint.  I used the red "oops" paint that I bought last week.

What a quick and easy (not to mention cute) project.

I still have to drill the holes in the back of the each drawer, but my drill need charging and I was too excited to wait to share.

Total cost of this project

Stool - $10
Material - $.75
Paint - 0

$10.75.  Not too shabby.  I love it.  I'll post a pick once I am totally finished and it is sitting in a place of honour in my living room.

Not a bad afternoon's work, eh? Pin It


  1. I love it Vicky, great job.

  2. What a great idea for storing and safekeeping your expensive toys! I can't wait to peek around the rest of your blog and see all your projects! Thanks so much for sharing, Vicky!

    1. Thanks for popping by. I adore your blog and that is where I get a ton of my ideas!