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Friday, May 17, 2013


My friend Angie has great ideas and can get her beautifully manicured hands on almost anything.  Last week, she sold me the most unattractive lamp that I have seen in a very long time.

She said that she knew I could make something out of it, maybe a tutu bottom and a pretty shade.  LIGHTBULB (no pun intended).  I grabbed it for 5 bucks and let it sit in my garage - for about 5 minutes!

Abby Sue's birthday included tutu skirts and I had made a black one for her

It has been thrown in the bottom of the closet since that day.  So, instead of paying for more material, I decided to use it for her lamp.  I asked her if I could use it while she was watching tv - that meant she wasn't listening and automatically said yes.  She can't get upset, because then she has to admit that she was really listening to me.  Score one for smart mommy!!

Since pink is her favorite colour, and since I still have some pretty pink paint left over from painting her ceiling

I decided to make this another inexpensive project, made with things I already had at home.

I had won 3 lampshades from the weekly facebook auction, and, since the shade on this lamp was grossly huge and just not right for my imagined fantastic lamp, it went into a garage sale and I used one of my new shades.  I bought some material from Fabricland for $4 and covered the shade.  I love the colours in this material

At first I thought it might be too dark, but once I glued it on, I totally fell for it.

The lamp was so simple to paint and took about an hour.  There was a small crack in the table, but I gorillia glued it and, for good measure, used duct tape on the underside.

Even just a coat of paint helped this poor table.  The tulle made it better.

And the shade made it fabulous!

I put it in her room and it is just perfect

You will notice that I didn't put tulle all the way around it.  That's because I knew it would go against a wall and I thought it was a waste.  I also knew the cat would play under it and I didn't want her yanking all of the material off.

I want to put some sort of ribbon around where the tulle is hot glued onto the table, but I couldn't wait that long to use it.  I'll get it done this weekend - because I am anal like that.

It goes so well in her reading nook, gives the corner a nice, cozy vibe

She hasn't seen it yet, but she will have a freak!!!    Notice how I put that cute little zebra stool in there too?  Perfect.

So, here's the before and after

Big difference!

Let's break down this little project:

lamp - $5
shade - $2
paint - $0
tulle - $0
material for shade - $4

Total cost of $11

I think it was totally worth that money, don't you?

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  1. Well if that's not the cutest thing ever!!!
    What a beautiful transformation!
    Have a great wknd