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Sunday, April 21, 2013


We have a HUGE downstairs rec room, but in the 7 years that I have lived here, we haven't used it all that much.  This Christmas I bought a new sectional couch for our upstairs, so I put the furniture that we did have down in the rec room.  I now LOVE going down there.  Of course, we need a new tv (as we have a 15 year old giant big screen that is very clunky and black), the fireplace needs to be refinished, and the walls need to be painted, etc., etc., etc.

I bought an old night stand from my friend Angie, off of her facebook website.  It was gross brown and old.  I refinished it and put it downstairs.

God I hate the colour of my walls.  I am going to paint a nice deep gray, but until then, please ignore.  Anyways, I love my new end table, but I absolutely detest that lamp.  So, I sold the lamp on the facebook auction and went shopping.

While at Goodwill one Sunday, I got 2 plain white drumshades for $2 - for the pair.  SCORE!!  Sorry, no before pick.  Then, on Friday, at 1/2 price day, I got 2 really ugly lamps - $7 for the pair.

It is hard to tell from these pictures, but each lamp is quite big and heavy.  I love them.  I got out my most trusted can of paint - ORB - and went to town.

Look at my plus sized beauties now!!

I was going to put them upstairs, but decided to take the shades off my upstairs lamps and put them on these lovelies and refinish the new shades for upstairs.  Whew that tired me out just typing it!!!  Here's how they look.

They look great.  Unfortunately, I am beyond ashamed of this room, so I won't show anymore of them.  Wait until I get everything done down there and then you can see the whole thing together.

That left my lamps upstairs quite naked.  The new drum shades are a lot larger than the ones above, and I wanted a bold, printed fabric, since my walls are neutral.  Abby Sue and I went to Fabricland - home of the rudest, nastiest salespeople in the world.  But that's another story.  I had a gift certificate from my niece, and had $6.37 left on it.  I looked around, but some of the material is quite expensive.  I really like the outdoor fabric for lamps, as it is heavy duty and looks nice.  I let Abbs pick out the material, which came to a total of $6.37, so I had to shell a whole $.41 out of my wallet.

Well, didn't my house designer kid pick out the funkiest material ever!!!  I got out the tacky spray, created that lovely choking atmosphere you get when you spray it, and rolled the material on.  Then I got out the hot glue gun and burned the hell out of my thumbs putting the finishing touches on.  I had forgotten how time consuming doing lampshades are.  It isn't hard, but it takes a long time.  However, I am quite pleased with the results.

How's that for a bold statement?

Sorry the picture is so dark, but it is beautifully sunny outside - which is where I am headed.

Hope you love the lamps as much as I do.

Total cost

$7 for the lamps
$0 for the paint (already on hand)
$.41 for the material (I used a gift certificate)
$2 for the shades
= a grand total of $9.41 for two new lamps!!!!

Just call me frugal - or cheap - I am both!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody!! Pin It

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