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Sunday, April 14, 2013


My child has an obscene amount of stuffed animals.  She knows the name of every single one of them and won't let me get rid of any.  I made her a zoo last year, and that helped with the problem - for a while.

I don't know where they keep coming from.  All I know is that we can barely see her bed for the stuffies.

We just couldn't take it anymore.  It was getting impossible to even make her bed anymore.  I subtly asked if we could donate some stuffies - I got a resounding NO to that suggestion.  When Grandma gave her not one, but two, new bunnies for Easter, I knew I had to do something.  I went browsing through the dollar store and came up with an idea.  Ok, I didn't come up with it, I had seen it on Pinterest, but forgot about it once I pinned it (that happens to me a lot).

Abby Sue also says that she just HAS to have all of the stuffies in bed with her at night.  I decided that maybe they didn't have to be in the bed, but near it.  So I decided to change up her walls a bit.

This wall would help clean up this

and this

I bought 4 of these for $2 a piece

I pulled out the insert and then hung them on the wall using picture hooks - to ensure that they don't fall on her head while she is sleeping.  I like how it turned out and she is quite happy that her pets are close to her at night.

She still has way too many of them, but at least this was a suggestion we could both live with.

Anybody else have too many stuffed animals in their house?

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  1. If she wants to donate some to a worthy cause (roxy the springer) then give me a ring lol That's a lot of toys, but an inventive way to store them. ~ Renee

    1. Thanks Renee. I tried to get rid of a few once, and she knew right away!! thank god for wall space. She has a little pig that she has had since she was a newborn. It is coming apart and dirty and she sleeps with it every night.