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Saturday, April 13, 2013


I have to admit that I am addicted to the new auction site on facebook that my friend introduced me to.  I have been buying things for cheap and flipping them for a profit.  Nobody spends big on the site.  Over $50 doesn't even get looked at.  So, since I love doing quick crafts, I have been making some nice little extra money over the past month.

Last week, I bought a small "table" for $5.00.  Now remember, you only get to see a picture and you kind of have to take it on faith that what you are buying is what is being sold.  This "table" had a broken top, but cute little legs and I thought I should probably take a chance on it.

My friend Angie goes to the meets and picks up purchases for all of her customers. Yes, she is the best.  I was so excited about my new "table" that I texted her and asked her if it was great.  She said that she didn't know, because it was in a plastic bag.  How the heck could a table, even a small one, fit into a bag?  I had the sinking feeling that I might have been snowed by the picture and that I had wasted my money.

I figured I could at least make something for Abby Sue out of it to put trinkets in.  I picked it up from Angie, and it was smaller than anticipated!!!  When I opened the bag, I saw that the legs had been removed, which explained how it fit into a bag.  However, it wasn't a table - it was a footstool, with storage, for someone with little feet.

It was in horrible condition.  Yay!!  Just what I love.

The top was broken in two pieces, with just the nasty old material holding it together.  I got out my trusty gorillia glue and put it back together.  While I went to get my clamps, my helper sat on top of it and held it together for me.

Of course, she may have just been trying to get away from her arch-enemy, my baby boy with his new haircut

Did you notice that my child is nowhere in the pictures?  That's because she hates helping me.  Anything even remotely like work chases her to her room.  Is she really my kid?

Anyways, I decided that I was going to go the black/white route with this piece, since it was so small.  I figured I would make it really pretty and then maybe people wouldn't notice the size.

I painted it inside and out.  A crisp, bright white.  Then I added some material that I had in the closet.  Can you guess?

That's right, nothing says fantastic like a piece of zebra material.  I love it.  Abby Sue asked if she could bid on it at the auction, because she wants it in her room.

I sandpapered over parts of it, so that it wasn't perfect - you all know how I hate too perfect.  If it was larger, I would definitely keep it for my home.

Oh well, now I can continue to browse the auction for something bigger to keep for myself.

Anybody else unhappy with a purchase, yet managed to make some fab out of it?

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