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Monday, February 20, 2012


My whole family has been down for the count for the past 5 days with a vicious cold/flu bug. We have had the chills, fever, sinus infection, sore throat, etc. You name it, we had it and ALL AT THE EXACT SAME TIME. Needless to say, my house needs an exorcism to get rid of the germs. I took one day off work and then had 4 scheduled days off. I was so excited, as I was going to do some much needed painting and DIYing. Turns out it is hard to paint when you can't breathe, or when you are shivering so badly that you can't even use the remote control for the tv. I am sooooo not kidding about this bug. It knocked my on my arse!!

Today is my last day before having to go back to work and, aptly, it is Family Day. So, as a family, we did a few projects around the house.

When we moved in, the light fixtures were all builder grade. Not bad, but nothing special. I am so picky about lights and find them so expensive that we have kept what was there. I found a really nice fixture last year for over the stairs. However, when I got it put up, I realized it was way too small for the area.

Too bad, eh? I have been too cheap to buy another one and have just largely ignored the fact that the light was too small. Until the bulbs burned out and I had to go to Home Depot to buy some. Another irritant, as they are $10 per light. Grates my cheese having to pay that for a light bulb. Anyways, I decided to browse thru the light section while I was there. Imagine my excitement when I found this

I scooped that puppy up and carted it home. My brother's friend came over and put it up today. I guess he took some pity on the sick family. It is gorgeous and fits the space perfectly.

Not bad for $24 plus HST.

I actually got to do a little project of my own today too. I wanted a new centrepiece for my dining room table. I am going to try and decorate the table for every holiday, only because I saw some beautiful table settings on Pinterest and have been having table envy.

I bought this at Goodwill a few weeks ago and left it in my car.

I wasn't sure what colour I wanted. My dining room is red, but I had bought a wonderful blue runner for the table and wanted to put something bright on it. I decided to go with something totally different

I have done a metallic table for my room, but never just a vibrant silver piece that would take centre stage in a room. I love how it turned out

I haven't put any candles in it yet, because I can't decide on a colour. Any suggestions? Pin It

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