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Friday, January 20, 2012


Abby Sue's new comforter finally arrived and it was well worth the wait (thanks Auntie Lori for letting us ship to you for shipping to Canada). It is bright and cheery and goes very well with her new room

I had put a brass ORB painted table beside her reading chair, but with her new funky comforter, she required something a little more fashionable.

I brought up her tutu table from the downstairs playroom, but, sadly it was too big

It never gets used or seen and I get so sad thinking about the work I put into it. Sigh.

Today was half price Friday at goodwill and my compressed day off, so I got there right at opening and lined up with the rest of Orillia in the minus 20 degree weather. BRRRRRRR

Look what I got

With the sale, it only cost $2.02, and no HST (or 15% tax to you southerners). What a bargoon. Guess what I was going to use it for?

I painted the top yellow (some paint I had left over from my coffee table makeover -coming soon). I had pink tulle left over from the other tutu table (I didn't buy enough and couldn't get any more, so I went with purple), therefore I didn't have to buy any. Whew. Abby Sue was at school, John is on nights so he was sleeping, so Vicky got to decorate in peace!!!

I was going to buy some ribbon to go around the edge of the table, but then I decided to go outside the box and bought a pink feather boa from the dollar store. Kinda looks cute, wouldn't you say?

It took me a couple of hours to finish this table. In the meantime, I had to pick Miss Abbs up from school. She was thrilled about the table

Sorry, once she is on the Ipad, she doesn't pay attention to anything!!! She will have a cow later when she actually notices the new table.

I put it in the room and I love the difference it makes. Now this is what I call a nightstand.

Once I put her flower garden in, sew some new curtains, and paint her ceiling, I might be done. Anybody else love the tutu tables as much as I do?

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  1. hiya , that table is ADORABLE oh to be a child again x tfs

    1. Thanks Maggie. She loves it. Squealed with delight when she finally realized it was in her room.

  2. Great idea! I love the feathers, so girly and fun! Her bedding looks awesome, great choice!!

    1. Thanks Megan. She is so funny. About 1/2 hour after I put the table in her room, she went in to get changed. She squealed at the top of her lungs in excitement. Shows you how much they listen at other times, doesn't it? The cat loves the feathers too. Thank god there are so many of them.

  3. oh my! abbby sue's room is sooo cute! that corner with the chair and table!! awwww
    thanks so much for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can!

    1. Thanks Gail. It was such a wonderful birthday present to make for her. And she stays in her room all of the time to play. Makes up for having such a small room to begin with.

  4. How much fun is that! It's so happy and colorful, just like your blog! Love it!