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Sunday, January 8, 2012


As you have seen from my previous posts, Miss Abby Sue is getting a new room for her birthday. Unfortunately, I haven't even started her ceiling yet. Procrastination, thy name is Vicky. However, I did put her fixture covers on

While in Home Depot today buying wood, we walked past the chandeliers. Abbs has a little girl light that looks like this

We walked past the sparkly, blingy, princess chandeliers. Abbs was in heaven and wanted one for her room. We had sold a few things on kijiji this weekend, so I was going to spend no more than $50 for a light. But, I thought these would be way out of our price range. NOT

I grabbed it and took off, afraid that if I didn't buy it right away, it would be gone in seconds.

I consider myself pretty handy, but I do not know how to change a light fixture. So, Abbs called my brother's friend, Dave, or Uncle Gravy as she says, and asked him to come over and change the light. Since she asked, he was there within 10 minutes. Oh to have that power over men again. Sigh. Anyways, here is the final result. So flippin' cute.

It just changes the whole "vibe" of the room. I am going to get some of the lights that look like candles and actually flicker, so that it will look like an old fashioned chandy. Please do not notice that there aren't any bulbs in the light. I bought the chandelier, but forgot the bulbs!!! Some days, Vic.

Now that the light is there, I see that she needs new curtains, and so many other things, but that is definitely for another day.

Now, a little tease about what else I started today. Any of you pinterest fans know what this is going to be?

I am so excited about this. Hopefully it will be as nice as what my brain is planning. Pin It


  1. Wow!! What a great find, it does totally make the room! Lucky girl, I want one :)

    1. isn't it so pretty? My hubby thinks it looks like an old lady's light. Boys are so dumb.

  2. I bet you are making a book shelf! Awesome!