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Friday, July 22, 2011


I love searching for things other people throw away that I can refinish. I guess you could say I love cast offs. Although, I don't love other peoples' cast-offs as much AS I LOVE MY OWN!!!!!!!! Yes, I got my cast off on Tuesday. The wrist hurts and is swollen, but it doesn't have anything on it to stop me from bathing, or swimming, or (what is wrong with me??) doing dishes. I have been very slowly using it and getting the stiffness out. Today I decided it was ready for a small project. Oh the excitement running through my veins!!!

I bought this stool from Goodwill just before I broke my wrist. It only cost $3.03 (they have the weirdest prices now). I have way tooooooooooooo many stools, but it is an obsession of mine, so I splurged (I am so cheap)

I am a big fan of bright colours, so I painted the legs blue

Diego just loves to sneak into my pictures. Or, to be more exact, get in my way when I am DIYing. Love that little guy.

I went to Fabricland because they are getting rid of their outdoor material. I was planning on buying some funky blue/green/brown material to cover the stool with, but then I saw this and I immediately fell in love.

I know it is a little "safe" but I liked the pattern and the price. So, I whipped out the trusty scissors (had to use my right hand to cut, so it was kind of slow), staple gun and tacky spray. I took the legs off the stool, stapled like mad, put the legs back on, and, voila, looky what I made

I love it. I don't have any place in the house for it, but Abby Sue has comandeered it and is using it instead of the couch to watch tv.

It took me about 1/2 hour to do, which isn't so bad. Cost me, in total $9. No complaints from me.

Anybody else got a little project (or stool obsession) they want to share? Pin It


  1. I think it's adorable, the fabric and the color really freshen it up!!

  2. Very cute and I love your fabric choice too!

    Take care!

  3. So glad your cast is finally off!! I can't even imagine! Love the fabric choice on the stool :)