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Sunday, July 10, 2011


I have had this horrible cast on for 3 weeks

It is on my left arm, and, of course, I am left handed. But, I have been trying not to let it get me down. I still managed to take Abby Sue to the Canada Day fair on July 1

It has been a quick few weeks, but I am going out of my tree not being able to DIY. I want to pull up the carpet on my stairs and paint them. I want to paint some rooms, I WANT TO DO EVERYTHING!!!!!

Today, we were going to go to the beach, but it was cloudy, so I decided to be a rebel and I did a tiny little project.

Abby Sue now helps out in the kitchen and she has to pull a chair over in order to help. I had scored a bench from Good Will about a month ago for $1.99 on 1/2 price Friday

I sprayed painted the legs with a new layer of black paint, then dug out some old material that I had in the closet. Voila!!

Now my baby is happy

and I am happy. The cast comes off in less than 2 weeks. I think DIY is a wonderful alternative to physical therapy. Don't you think so too? Pin It

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