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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Please be Flattered

It has always been said that copying what someone else has done is a form of flattery.  Well, I have been the biggest flatterer (is that a word) around lately.  Here are some of my projects that I took from other sites, tweaked just a little to give them my personality, and now proudly display. 

The first idea came from my favority blog, Shabby to Chic.  My niece wanted a picture frame for Christmas, so I used Shabby's idea of taking an old frame and painting it glossy black.  I got the frame from Goodwill when they were having their 1/2 price day, so it only cost me $2.  Then I got different sized picture frames and painted them as well.  I then went to the dollar store and got green burlap with flecks of gold in it and used it for my background.  I glued it to the backing of the large picture frame.  Then I glued the smaller frames in spots on the background.  I was going to use metal clips like Shabby did, but then I found mini clothes pins with flowers on them and glued those on instead.  Lastly, I found some pretty letters and glued them inbetween the frames to give it some character.  Here is the final piece:

I gave it to her for Christmas and she absolutely loved it.  Both her and her mother couldn't believe that I had actually made it.  Until they looked at the back of it and saw what a wreck it was  - I didn't bother to do anything to the back, as it would be against the wall.  Maybe next time.

Project #2 came from another of my favorite sites, the DIY Showoff.  My hubby is always leaving change and his keys on the ledge as soon as you walk in the front door.  DIY had made a cute little holder for her and her husband's keys, so I used her tutorial and made my own.

I went to the dollar store and bought a really cute white glass dish. 

Then I used plain black scrapbook letters and my favorite new thing, modge podge.  This was my very first time using modge podge and I love it!!!  You will notice I only bought a teeny tiny bottle of it, as I didn't know if we would become friends or not.

You will be glad to know that we are now best friends.  John loves his little holder and wanted to know where I bought it.  When I told him I had made it, he was quite shocked. 

My third project came from a new fav of mine, Lovely, Crafty Home. I wanted some sort of candle holder for my buffet.  I took some of the ideas from this great blog and made something that I really really am proud of.
So, I went to the dollar store and bought these candle sticks

Then I got different sized vases and gorillia glued them to each base

I wanted something different on them, rather than just glass, so I bought some yarn at the dollar store as well and glued it around the tallest vase

Once each was finished, I filled them with different things - one with coloured balls, one with vanilla pot pouri and one with a single red candle

Then I put them on my buffet.  I love them!!!  Not bad for $15, rather than the $50 I probably would have spent to buy them somewhere else.

A big thanks to everybody who blogs their great ideas and lets me steal them.  You all rock!!!!

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