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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Finally Done

So we have been attempting to update our main bathroom for about 6 months now.  We have 3 full baths in our house, but the main one upstairs is small.  We were of a thought that if we updated it to a funky new bathroom, then potential buyers wouldn't really notice that it was smalll, because it was so nicely done.  This is the bathroom before we started renos.  Sorry for the small shot, but this was the only picture we had (because who takes pictures of the bathroom??)

The bathroom had a plain, factory vanity with a typical white undermount sink and blah hardware.  Not to mention I was in my orange phase and had painted the walls this awesome mango colour.  We loved it, but we weren't too sure about potential buyers.  So, the first thing I did was take the crappy counter and boring sink:

(This sink is from our ensuite, which we decided to keep in there).  I painted the walls in the bathroom a light green - which I actually got on sale as an "oops" colour from Home Depot - cost me $9.00.  I love me some bargains.  And I painted the vanity a light cream colour that I had a gallon of in the basement. 

The bathroom was looking totally different than what it had been, but I found it to be a little boring, especially going from orange and wood to light green and cream.  So, since I had already decided that I wanted a vessel sink like this:

I knew that I wanted something a little different on the cabinet doors.  I went to Home Depot and I bought glass coloured tile and apoxy glued them to the cabinet doors.  I also added some new dark brown hardware in the shape of knots.  Kind of gives the bathroom a "sea shell" or "nautical feel".

I knew that I wanted a cool faucet to go with the sink, so I ordered a waterfall faucet from CSN stores because they deliver to Canada.  I was so excited to get it, until it arrived and I realized that it was too short for the sink.  I tried to think of options to build a mount of some sort, but nothing panned out.  I ended up purchasing a single faucet from Light In a Box, which is another fabulous store.  I had looked at the faucet at other stores and it was over $300.  I ended up getting it for $26 at light in a box, plus shipping for a total cost of $56.79!!!!  I was very pleased when the faucet arrived. 

Uh, oh, I am getting ahead of myself here. I bought a used counter top at a junkyard for $20 and painted it a mocha colour

Then I used rustoleum dark brown gravel spray paint to give it a really cool texture.  It is too hard to see in these pictures.  Darn!!  Anyways, here is the final vanity

And the bathroom (horrible pictures because of the lighting.

Sorry for the mismatched towels in the background.  I put a piece of artwork from another room over the toilet and some really cool candle holders that I got from Dollarama over the toilet.  What a difference!!  I love how it turned out.  I know for a fact that where we move to, I want vessel sinks!!!

So, here is the before and after:

Such a difference.  I love it!!  Do you?
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