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Sunday, November 11, 2012


So, as most people who follow my blog know, I have a fabulous yellow door now.  Since Christmas is on the way, I thought my door deserved a present too.

I have never hung a Christmas wreath on my door.  Only because I am not a fan of the big cedar things bows and pine cones.  That is just so not me.

But this is

I have tons of black frames around my house

About a month ago, one fell down and broke.  Woo hoo.  Freebie for my craft!!  I painted it with leftover paint in that wonderful shade of blue that I love

I tried to glue the broken edges back together, but they wouldn't stay put.  So I used duct tape.  Then I took some ribbon that I had and wrapped it around the tape.

I grabbed some Christmas decorations that I had and attached them, as well as an old bow, to the top

Voila!!  Here is my new wreath.  Total cost?  $1.25 for the over the door hanger!

I love it!! And for the first time, ever, I am going to decorate my front stoop.  I'll add more pictures once I get that started.

Not bad for $1.25, is it?
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