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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I can't believe that my baby girl is going to be 7 in 3 weeks. Time certainly does fly. She asked me if I would paint her room and redecorate for her birthday. Me, being a pushover, said, "of course baby, it's your birthday. And because you are going to be 7, I will do 7 special things to your room" Am I freaking nuts??? Do you have any idea of the crazy ideas a 6, almost 7 year old, girl will come up with?

Her old room looked a little like this

It is hard to tell from these pictures, but her room is a wonderful shade of green, with a double platform bed (that I made for her), a long funky dresser that was the subject of an earlier post, and a pretty makeup table. That was fine and dandy BEFORE. Now, she has decided that her room is too small to dance in and she would like more space. Oh the joys of having a daughter.

First thing on her list was a new bed. Silly me got it today, delivered today and assembled today - before painting the room!!

As you can see, she loves it and has already made it her favorite place. Diego and Munchkin love it too, although Diego is afraid to go up and down the stairs by himself.

The new bed requires a new comforter, as this bed is a twin and previously she had a double. She picked out this comforter

She loves it. It is a little dark for me, but it is her room and we will go with it.

Since this is going to be a long, long post, I am going to go step by step and do a post per day until the big reveal.

Some might call me a tease. I prefer to think of it as 7 days of exciting new posts, because as I said, 7 is a lucky number. Pin It


  1. Love the bed and her new comforter! Can't wait to see the rest :) Lucky girl!

  2. I think she is doing a great job picking out the new room!!! Can't wait to see the additional posts!!!