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Friday, February 25, 2011

Trolling Blogland

Since we are currently attempting to sell our house, I haven't had a lot of projects that I can do.  Don't want to clutter the house too much.  I am itching to do something, so I have controlled my impulses by trolling blogland and saving awesome projects to my favorites on my computer.  Today, I am going to share some of the beauty that maybe some of my followers haven't seen. 

I was over at

and she had this posting for a ruffled headboard that her mother had made.  It is so beautiful.  I think I might make it for my daughter's room.  Take a peek.

Isn't it absolutely beautiful?  And what a fabulous idea to have it hang like curtains.  BRILLIANT!!

I then moused on over to

Miss Madison’s Charmed Life

Where she had turned this

into this

I love the colour.  I am foaming at the mouth wanting to do something colourful with a piece of furniture.  This selling a house sucks from a DIY point of view.  It was great to begin with because I did so much to get the house ready.  Now, I have to put all of my ideas on hold until we actually sell the house.  Man, once a firm offer is in, my basement is going to turn into an endless pit of DIY projects. 

OH MY GOD, I think I just saw the best project ever over at

Check this out

Have a great weekend all.  I am off to 1/2 price Goodwill Friday to get me some treasures!! Pin It

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  1. Wow, thanks for the shout out!! I'm glad you liked it :) Good luck selling your house, hope it goes fast so you don't have to wait long to craft!!