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Saturday, February 26, 2011


I didn't think that I would be able to get anything accomplished today. Abby Sue had skating, then we had a house showing, and then some shopping. But, Abby Sue and I went to a dollar store we have never been to before and they had spray paint for ONE DOLLAR!!! All of the colours that nobody uses - all the ones that I love!!!! So bought a beautiful blue colour to use on this thing:

I also got one of these

to make a doily for Abby Sue's dresser. I put her beaded one on her new makeup table, so her dresser was looking pretty bare. We had some lavender paint left over, so I went to town spraying. I like how it turned out

It looks cute on her dresser too

When I had finished spraying the thingy, I absolutely loved the colour

I couldn't find any coloured sand and Abbs wasn't in the mood to shop, so I ended up filling it with pot pourri that I had around the house. Then I put it on my mantle. I'm not sure if I like it there, but I certainly loved how it turned out!!

Not too shabby for under $10. Maybe at the new house I will be able to find that perfect spot for my "thingy". Maybe by then I will know what to call it.

I hope everybody is having as much fun this weekend as I am. Pin It

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