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Sunday, August 26, 2012


I made my lamp shades quite a while ago, but I absolutely detest the lamp bases that they are on.  They are long, skinny and just plain boring.

I found one on sale at Walmart and picked it up.  It is really cute, but, of course, I couldn't find another like it.

Since I don't really care if my bases match, I have been looking and looking for something that I love.  I have to admit, it is almost as hard as finding a comforter.  Plus, they can be quite expensive!!

Enter 1/2 price Friday at Goodwill.  What do you think of this beaut that I got for $3.53?

I busted out the ORB spray and went to town.

Exactly what I was looking for and cheap to boot!

Much better than the skinny minny that I had, but now I am wondering if it is too short??  I'll live with it for a while and decide after that.

In the meantime, I found this

and this

Fall must definitely be on it's way, as I feel the creative juices flowing again.  Stay tuned!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012


My bedroom is slowly but surely coming together.  It is sure hard to find exactly what you want when you have ideas in your head, but nothing in the store seems to catch your eye.

I was trolling pinterest and I saw a link for covering a pull down blind with material.  I have a horrible one in my room that is baby poop beige, with a hole in the middle.  I decided that since I was going to have to buy a new one anyways, I might as well try covering it with material first.

My hubby works nights, so I thought I would go with a darker material, that would effectively black out the sun during the day, yet still look pretty cute on my window.

I found this at Fabricland.

It was on sale for $3 per metre and I really liked it.  So, of course, without measuring or thinking of size at all, I grabbed some.  My plan was to take this sharpie

and colour random parts of the material, just to give it a bit of colour.  Unfortunately, like so many of my not well thought out plans, the material wasn't wide enough for the window.  Sigh.  Never one to waste an opportunity, I used it as a bedskirt until I find something permanent.

It looks pretty cute and I don't feel like I wasted my money.  Of course, my goal is to make a fushia bedskirt and put it on before John notices.

So, back to Fabricland.  And let me tell you, I hate going to that store. Nobody ever helps, there is so much material that you can never find anything, and the staff hates cutting the fabric.  It is a horrible, horrible place (yet the only one in town).  

As you might have noticed in the picture with the sharpie marker, I found a pretty cool geometric black and white pattern.  It is an outdoor fabric, so it is nice and heavy and, hopefully, will provide the black out effect that I am looking for.

I was still determined to add some colour to it, so, while watching Hoodwinked with my girlie, I randomly coloured in shapes.  It turned out pretty darn good.

Next, I took the blind down and got the glue gun out.  I laid the blind flat on the floor and proceeded to glue the edges of the material to the blind.  It took so little time, that I just knew that it wouldn't work out properly.  Hey, give the girl a medal!!!  The material was too thick, so I could hang the blind, but it wouldn't roll back up.  

So, down it came.  I actually cut half of it off and started again.  Turned out better this time.

However, as you can see from the top picture, the material bunches up when it is rolled.  This would be because I didn't bother to glue the material to the blind - I was lazy and just did the edges.  I was going to do it, but they I realized I didn't have any fabric adhesive, PLUS my damn glue gun died.  That's what you get for a dollar at Dollarama!  I hung it anyways because I was tired.  I am quite pleased with it, but I will take it down again tomorrow and do it right!

So, this is how my room is shaping up

My side is looking pretty good

John still needs something behind his lamp

The dressers are painted

but it still needs SOMETHING.  I think I might get some handles for the night stands. Maybe put a funky mirror behind John's lamp.  I definitely need something over top of the big dresser - maybe a massive mirror.   I also want a bigger, funkier light fixture. I saw this and loved it, but John won't let me have it. Yes, those are feathers!!

I also might change out the white curtains for something brighter.  

WILL IT EVER BE DONE?  And when it is, I will probably want to change it all over again.

Any ideas???
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Friday, August 17, 2012


My sweet angel of a niece is going away to college this year.  It just seems like yesterday I was proudly carrying her around, everybody thinking she was mine because I loved her so much I glowed.  My baby girl and I are going to miss her so much

Erin is going to be staying in residence, so she needs some things for her room.  She specifically needs a chair for her desk.  So, without further asking, I told her I would make her one.

The week before we went here

Yes, we went to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, which just might be the funnest place on earth.  Anyways, I stopped at a garage sale and found this sewing chair for $2.00

The seat actually comes up and there is a little bit of storage underneath.  I knew this would be perfect for what Erin needed.  I asked her what colour she wanted.  She told me that her room was going to be brown and aqua.  How excited was I?  Especially since I had some FANTASTIC brown material to cover this with.

I picked up the paint and went to town on the chair.  Wasn't sure of the colour at first, but loved it once it was actually on the chair.

These pictures don't do it justice, because it really is a pretty, true aqua colour.

I started to take the chair apart and was just awed by how well made it was and how smart whoever made it was.  The back of the seat was actually two pieces that were screwed together afterwards so that no seams or staples would show through.

Next, the material.  My niece is soooooooooo much like me and I know her tastes, so this was perfect for the chair

How great is that material?  Next, screw the chair back together and my sweetface has a piece of me to take away with her.

I hope that every time she sits in the chair she remembers how much I love her and miss seeing her face every day.

Gosh, growing up really can suck, can't it?

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