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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


I finally got the bedding for my room.  It is called Passport and I love it!

John likes it too, which is always half, ok maybe 1/4 of the battle.

I have my side of the room done

but John's side is beyond blah and boring.  I wish I could take a picture of the whole room, but it is too big.  My flower mirror is absolutely huge, but doesn't look it in this picture.

Anyways, this is John's side

Isn't that horrible?  What kind of a person thinks a lacrosse stick is decorating??

We don't have any clocks in our room besides the ones on our nightstands.  I saw this on Pinterest

and knew what I wanted on the wall.  I saw another clock kind of like this at Urban Barn, but it was almost $200 bucks and I am way way way too cheap for that.

John was away all weekend playing lacrosse, so after the Canada Day Festivities

Abby Sue and I went to Home Depot and we each spent $6 on supplies.  My little chip off the ole block was going to craft with me.  Gosh, I just adore that child.

Armed with acrylic paint and sponge brushes, we both set out to make masterpieces.  Mine started with a berry red colour

and a huge piece of MDF

Abby Sue's project started with a big smile

I painted the whole board with the berry paint, then used an old clock to trace a circle, which I then painted white.

I used a small glass to trace circles within the white circle and then painted the numbers in black.  I then took my walnut stain and rubbed it all over the face of the board.  I wipe it off and then proceeded to sand the crap out of it.

Abby Sue, or should I say, Picasso, drew a picture of her family

I have to find a place of honour for this masterpiece.

Mine isn't so fancy or artistic

Sorry the picture is crooked.  Who knew it was so hard to hold a camera steady?  Anyways, I hung it on the wall and I LOVE it!!  It is so hard to tell how big it actually is, but it is the perfect size for the wall

Now the walls are so balanced, I love it

I love how this room is shaping up.  Just a little bit more, and then it is on to the walk in closet and master bath.  Summer is here and I am having a hard time getting my but in gear.  Anybody else loving summer too much to craft?

I have a few other projects in the works and will post as I finish.

Have a wonderful 4th of July.  This 1/2 Canadian 1/2 American blogger will be celebrating along you!! Pin It

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