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Saturday, March 10, 2012


I was on Pinterest one day and saw the most beautiful table setting

I showed my daughter and she asked what it was. I told her that lots of people decorate for more than just Christmas. The conversation continued and somehow ended up with me promising to decorate the house for every holiday. Yikes!!!

I don't like decorating for just a week, so Easter is a month early at our house!

I couldn't use real eggs because they would stink to high heaven before Easter, so we grabbed some styrofoam ones and painted and drew on them.

We then filled this bunny stand that I bought from Avon

Unfortunately, I bought more of the smaller eggs and they don't fit, so we had to improvise and use some of the ones we had left over from last year.

We then filled my giant jar that usually holds lemons with sparkly eggs too

Next came the coffee table

We put some pretty rings around the hurricane jars

Voila! the buffet is done

FYI, I am painting that dark, but beautiful centrepiece next week while I am off.

For the table, I took a bowl I got from my mom and filled it with fake flowers

and set it in front of my new candle holder (that still doesn't have candles in it)

So, the house is about 1/2 way done for Easter. Personally, I love how bright the decorations make the house feel. Spring is coming!!!

Now, for some random cuteness in my house

Hope everybody has a great weekend. Pin It


  1. It's so colorful!! I love it! I don't usually decorate for Easter, but I was at Target yesterday and wanted to buy all the cute stuff they had :) I had to restrain myself and save my money for the painting I want to do today!

  2. How much fun...LOVE all the kids getting in the action

    1. Daddy works every other weekend, so he normally isn't around to help. We were very happy to have him this year. Diego waited for us to drop stuff for him to eat. Munchkin grabbed the eggs and played with them!

    2. Was the avin easter egg holder purchased this year? Love it!

    3. It was. I got it from Avon. It is pretty cute, isn't it?