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Wednesday, December 28, 2011


When we had the house on the market, we spent $1700 painting the inside a neutral colour. Anybody that knows me knows that I hate boring and need colour. However, we can't afford or justify painting again after 4 months. Pops of colour are desperately needed all around my house. I am working on a few things to show you soon, however, tonite I was bored and decided to try something that I found on Pinterest.

These are my lovely, boring walls

While at the dollar store looking for scrapbook paper, I found this wallpaper, for $2 per roll

I liked how it was gray, but had a little bit of extra colour. I decided to put it on my light fixture covers. It was so easy and I loved how it turned out. Hubby likes it too. What do you think?

Here it is against my new curtains that John bought me for Christmas (more on the living room makeover later)

I asked this little monkey what she thought

She said it looked "fabulous". Such a small thing to do, but I think it made a big impact. Anybody else ever done this?

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