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Monday, March 28, 2011

Sad, Sad Times

I haven't posted in a while because we have been so busy getting ready for spring, trying to sell our house, and just generally doing family things. This post is a tribute to my sweet kitty, Ruby, who has been pretty sick for the past few days. She is going to the vet tomorrow, but I have a horrible feeling that she has reached the end of days. I am hoping that isn't the case, but I am preparing myself for the worst.

I got Ruby almost 13 years ago when I lived by myself in Mississippi. I had no family and my best friend had been deported back to Canada (long, long story). My friend, Kassie, took me to this trailer that was over run with cats. There was a little black one in the corner, not making a sound, just watching me with these huge green eyes. I knew right then and there that she was the one. I picked her up and just melted. I named her after my beloved Grandmother, Ruby, and took her to the car. The second the car started, all hell broke loose!!! She meowed all the way home and hasn't stopped since. She is a big, fat, unloveable, mean cat and I love her to death. My friend Kassie reminded of how Ruby used to pick my keys up like a dog would and hide them on me. What a character.

She has always been wonderful to Miss Abby Sue

She is absolutely HUGE. When I flew back from Mississippi, they had to use 2 tranquilizers to get her to sleep!! When I was putting her thru luggage, they thought she was a jaguar!

Now, she bites my hubby all of the time, especially when he is feeding her and isn't putting the food in the bowl fast enough. She also stands in front of John when he is watching tv and meows extremely loudly - demanding that he pay attention to her. She is like a cranky old fishwish caterwauling at her hubby!! She also answers when you talk to her. Ask her a question, and she will meow back, just like she is answering. Cats really are amazing creatures.

Ruby terrorizes poor Diego, but I think she secretly enjoys having him around. She hides behind corners and when he walks by, she jumps out and hisses at him. She sits on the coffee table and slaps him with her tail. He is not smart enough to leave her alone and she has whacked him quite a few times!! I will never forget the day he refused to quit bugging her. He gets right in front of her, but far enough away that she can't reach him, and then he barks. Well this time, she turned away and he got brave and moved closer. She turned back really fast and scared him. He tried to run and she bit his rearend!! Poor Diego jumped on my lap, pounding heart and all!! Ruby very casually went back to cleaning herself, totally ignoring the chaos she had caused.

I have been trying to talk to Abby Sue about Ruby maybe having to go to heaven, but she isn't quite old enough to grasp it. She has been having teary days and wanting to stay home instead of going to school, because she wants to stay with Ruby. Breaks my heart, but I think that sometimes you have to put your own wants aside and do what is best for your pet.

Saturday night, John, Abby Sue, Diego and I were snuggled on the couch watching tv. For the first time EVER Ruby jumped on the couch and snuggled too. Maybe she knows that her time with us is limited and was getting in a last goodbye. At least I will have that final, wonderful memory of when we were a family.

Fingers crossed that she will be ok. I always go on about my puppy, and poor Ruby gets pushed aside or forgotten. This was my way of letting her know how much she is loved. Pin It


  1. Sending a prayer for Ruby! We adopted a black long hair cat 22 years ago and named her RUBY, too! Life finally got the best of her two years ago. I miss her terribly, but we had good memories :)

  2. Prayers for Ruby. What a character! She needs at least another ten years of life with that personality :)

  3. Thinking about you in these next few days.