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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


My daughter is a very picky eater. Before she started Junior Kindergarten, she never ate sandwiches. She always had hot lunches at daycare. When she started school, I was freaking out, thinking she would starve. The kids get 2 breaks in which to eat, so I knew that she would have to start eating sandwiches. I googled fun ways to make her sandwiches interesting. I thought I would make her a couple of them and get her used to sandwiches. Little did I know she would start REQUESTING shapes. All I can say is thank the lord that winter came and she started taking warm food in a thermos. Here are some of my creations

I know, she is absolutely spoiled, but how can you say no to this face

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  1. great idea! My son is a picky eater too. I will have to try this. Especially the spongebob one!

  2. the kids I nanny would love the spongebob! I personally love the owl :) I found you at homemaker on a dime and I am your newest follower! I also have a blog @
    Thanks! -Shayna

  3. Love the owl, and the caterpillar. Just love all the creativity. Do you think it will work on my husband?

  4. Ha! Ha! Ha! I know what you mean by picky eater :) Your sandwich creations are awesome! Love the ice cream shaped one :)

    Btw, thanks for joining in our Swap Followings Linky Party and helping make it a success! Hope you'll link up again next month :)