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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Coffee Table

I was planning on getting a whole lot of DIYing done these 3 days before my open house. Unfortunately, today I had to go and purchase and new bathroom counter and then my agent called and wants to show the house tomorrow. My husband is on nights and will be sleeping in the morning SOOOOOOO I have to get the house cleaned tonite. So much for any projects.

However, my daughter asked if she could have a friend over tonite. SCORE!!! They keep each other so entertained that I snuck in and redid this

My living room is SOOOOOOOOOO boring. It is hard to love your house while selling. You have to make it so bland and un-homey (is that a word). I rebelled (I constantly do that) and covered the coffee table. I used material that I am in love with and now the table looks great.

I need so funky lampshades and a sectional and I will be in heaven. Pin It


  1. It turned out so great!
    I remember when we were selling out house. It was such a pain not being able to really "live" in it. Hope your house sells quickly for you!!

  2. You go on being rebellious. It's worth it, totally came out great.