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Friday, February 18, 2011

New Makeup Table

So, I finally, finally got everything done for my open house tomorrow - including finishing Abby Sue's new makeup table. The previous one was way too big and kind of boring. This time, she asked for a bright pink one. Yikes. So, I got this on Kijiji a couple of weeks ago for $20.

We went to Home Depot and she picked out a colour called Wild Violet. So the old turns into the new!!

She loves it. And, without even realizing it, she picked a colour that matches the stripe in her other dresser

I love it. And, now her room is clean for the open house too.
Fingers crossed that we sell. Pin It


  1. How sweet. Good luck with the open house! Thanks so much for linking :)

  2. How adorable (my daughter would love it too!) Amazing how paint can make such a great transformation!

  3. Awww. How cute. And I bet your daughter loved being able to pick out her own paint. How fun!!
    Hope you have a great evening!

  4. Too cute and oh so girly! What a perfect piece a furniture for a girl's room! How fun that you included your daughter in the transformation :)It looks great!
    Thanks for linking up to The After Party @ 3 Meadow Lake Cottage!