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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


While at Goodwill on their 1/2 price Friday sale, I found an ugly, ugly piece of furniture. I think it was either a desk or console. I wasn't quite sure what it was. But I knew that it could be a gorgeous console for when we get our new house. I also knew that I could use it in my current house to put some of Abby Sue's art work over-flow on. It was so horrible. It had a marble top that looked like dead bugs were painted right into it. The sides were painted with a stoney cream coloured paint that looked like the bug marble. Such a hideous piece, but I knew it could be beautiful. Isn't it wonderful how much the imagination takes over once you start your DIY life? Something that you would totally ignore in your previous life becomes a piece with great potential!!!! Anyways, back to my poor bug-ridden table. Here she is when I brought her home:

Did I mention she only cost $4.99? STEAL!!

I needed to sand down the whole thing before I even attempted painting. I needed it to go with the rest of the house, but hadn't decided if I wanted it painted a nice white and black or if I was going to attempt some colour. I decided to go with the safe colours, just because I don't have any idea of what our colours will be in the new house (if we ever move, which is another story). So, my weeknights have been spent painting (which I find quite relaxing).

I used a funky material in the drawer that I had bought to make lampshades. The material was way too overpowering for the shades, but looked great in the drawer.

We have an empty wall in our family room that needs some "staging" before our open house on the weekend, so I put the finished table there

The area is still bare and I have to put some things on the table, but I am planning on making one of these to go on the wall over the table

But that is for another night. I have got to get to bed before I fall asleep at my desk. Have a great night everybody. Sweet DIY dreams! Pin It


  1. hi Vicky! thanks for dropping in my random neighborhood! wanted to welcome you & let you know i'm happy to have you!
    btw... that was a steal! & i'm glad you saw it's potential! nice job!!
    many blessings,