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Friday, February 4, 2011

1/2 Price Fridays

Today was 1/2 price Friday at Goodwill here in cold Orillia. My wonderful niece, who now thinks I am the coolest at creating things since I made her this for Christmas

asked me to make her something for her makeup table so that all of her makeup isn't in her case. I had no idea what I was going to do until I saw a brown wood thingy and a god-awful navy blue organizer/divider -
all for the cheapola price of $6.99 with 50% off at the cash!!!! Then I went to the Dollarama and bought some $2 mirrors and $1.25 letters. But I was still not sure what I was going to do with any of it.

I had some really nice metallic spray paint in my craft room (which also doubles as the cat litter, furnace and freezer room). I painted both pieces and this is how they turned out

I am SOOOO impatient and waiting for them to dry was driving me crazy. I finally ended up doing some dishes in order to keep my mind off of it.

I gorillia glued the mirror to the box and taped it so that it wouldn't fall off. Next, I put some letters on the piece to give it that personal feeling. It was cute, but a little boring. I knew that once I glued the box to the main frame, it would have no "spark" or vavoom.

I had some material left over from my chair revamp and used just a little to give it some funk appeal.

Then I put the whole thing together

I am so excited to give it to her tomorrow. I hope she likes it. Abby Sue now wants one for her room. Pin It


  1. Awesome! I totally need one of those :) Thanks for linking up!

  2. you got a really good deal! our GW's never have sales. :(
    I''m sure your niece will love this just as much as she does the framed piece! Things are so much more special when they're made with love.
    It's fun and functional!
    ps thanks for sharing at ccc