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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Computer desk redo

So, I finally finished the chair for the computer room and I absolutely love it.  However, after looking at the desk in the room:

I decided that the top needed to be painted black to better go with the chair.  So, at 11 pm last night, I started painting.  Yeah, I know I am obsessed.  Here is what the desk looked like this morning:

So much better.  I was grinning like a fool when I saw it.  Now to get to the chair.  So excited.  This is what the chair was like to begin with:

I loved the detail in the legs and back of the chair.  I knew it would be perfect in the computer room.  And, at $4.95, I was in heaven!!!  I was going to paint it Heirloom White, but the print for the seat was black and white and cream and just wouldn't go, so I bought the glossy white and used it.  Which is a good thing, because the bench I am redoing for Miss AbbySue was going to be white, so I saved some money.  YES!!!! Here is the chair now:

I was going to glaze it, but, of course, being Orillia, Home Depot didn't have the glaze I needed.  Lucky for me, (or I am an idiot - not sure which) it was cold in the garage where I painted, so the paint didn't stick to all parts of the chair.  AND IT LOOKED LIKE I HAD GLAZED IT.  Lucky for me!!!!  It looks beautiful. 

I love, love, love all things animal print and, lucky for me, Fabricland had a beautiful roll of black/white zebra print in their clearance section, so I bought a metre of it for........................................................ $2.00!!!!  I am so cheap and happy with my cheap purchases.  I got out the old staple gun and went to town.

Love it.  And, as my daughter would say, it is snuffy!!  In English, that means it is soft and fuzzy.  So, dun dun dun da:

BEAUTIFUL!!  Now, to put it at my desk:

Uh oh!!!!  I thought it wouldn't make much of a difference, but my computer desk IS heirloom white.  Oh well, it isn't that noticeable, but to an anal anne like me, IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.  I now have to paint my desk white.  I will leave that for another day, though.  I am high on paint fumes as it is. 

Now, for the piece that brings it all together.  Who loves their mousepad?? Mine is a gross blue with stains on it.

Bleck.  Now, I just wouldn't be me if I didn't do something about it.  So, TA DA!!

It just brings the whole thing together. 

I have to finish this post by saying, I love gorillia glue, tacky fabric adhesive and spray paint.  Thanks to all the other bloggers who fueled my interest in these products by their own designs.  They are now staples in my house.  I could not live without them.

Hope everybody loved the finished product.  Just wait until the desk is white too.  I will never leave the room!!!!

(Man, this post was full of exclamation points.  I'm telling you, I am high from the paint)

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  1. That turned out fantastic. After re-covering a folding chair, I love at all the different things you can do to make a chair unique!

  2. Great job. Both pieces look fabulous and so stylish. What fun it is to breath new life into something that's seen better days. Happy White Wednesday and thanks for sharing.
    Lynn at Cottage and Creek

  3. wow you really are talented and a hard working mom

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