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Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas at the Shropshire House

Since we are selling our house, we weren't sure whether or not to decorate for Christmas - too many things to take out of boxes (when we should packing) and too many other things to hide while the Christmas decorations are up.  However, since my 5 year old loves EVERYTHING Christmas, here are a few things we decided to put out

Abby Sue so excited to be putting up the tree

And, because I love dollar stores, I bought a cheapy fabric snowman, put him in a beautiful pickle dish that never gets used, added some pretty coloured balls, and voila!! an inexpensive, cute decoration!

I have lots of old candy dishes that we my hubby's great grandmother's that I never use - until Christmas.  Pop in some pretty red and silver balls, and you have another unique decoration

My dining table is usually a dumping ground for whatever.  It was nice seeing it looking pretty for about an hour. 

We had to take down our pictures to sell the house, so our hallway is looking pretty bare.  These decorations helped "homey" it back up. 

We bought a cute little (reusable) advent stocking chain for Abby Sue this year.  The stockings are actually quite big - am going to have to go shopping to fill them.  Of course, they will be filled one day at a time, otherwise my cheeky monkey will take out everything at once!!

The kitchen is quite blah because of selling, so I put a few colourful decorations in it to help give it that Christmas spirit

And, of course, what would Christmas be without embarrassing Diego and making him wear a Santa outfit.  We normally don't do this, but Abby Sue bought the outfit with her own money and Diego actually didn't mind wearing it!!!

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