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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Abby Sue's dresser

Well, I finally finished Miss Abby's dresser.  I took an old dresser that I bought from Kijiji and painted it white.  Then I got my friend's husband to cut out the drawer slats on each side. Then, I let AbbySue paint a piece of wood for a door.  We painted the drawers fushia with a yellow stripe on each side.  We then bought MDF to put on the edges and bottom of the open spaces where drawers used to be.  I had some fushia material in the closet, so I stapled it to the MDF and used nail glue to attach it.  I think they need shelves, but I have to figure out a way to add shelves without nails.  Any suggestions, please let me know.  Hope you like it.
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  1. That is one colorful dresser. My daughter would love it. Why don't you want to use nails for shelves? You could use screws. I'm assuming you used screws to attach the door hardware. I love the fuchsia inside the cubbies.

  2. My daughter loves her dresser. She loves bright colours and she enjoyed helping me make it.
    There aren't any so called "walls" in the dresser. When I took the drawers out from the sides, I just added MDF and had nothing to attach it to with respect to the middle drawers (does that make sense?). So, if I added shelves, I could screw them to the outside, but there would be nothing to screw them to the sides beside the drawers. I think the inside mdf would collapse with the weight of the shelves. Any ideas??